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how to write ODesk Cover letter

Dear Sir Hire name ,

Good Day
I’m interested in the position of  "job name will comes here " you  recently posted. I have been a working as (your position ) for (no of year) years, and am very familiar with PHP, JAVA, Wordpress and joomla. During my "no of year" years as "position" in "your company ", I managed a couple of websites . You can see some of my own writing in my portfolio

“You had mentioned that you were looking for someone with a background in "background of job". I studied it in college, where I majored in Computer Science .

“Moving forward, I can dedicate "no of availabe hour" hours/week to your company, and my daily hours are negotiable. I’m very excited to assist you in making your Sites successful – please feel free to contact me directly to discuss this position further.”

my skype id :  "Your skype Id here"

"Your Name"

CSS test question and solution ODesk ODesk solution

CSS test question and solution ODesk solution
Question 1:
Which of the following is true for a class selector?

  1. It uses a hash as the separator symbol
  2. It applies the style to only the first element defined with that style
  3. It applies the style to only the last element defined with that style
  4. It applies the style to all the elements defined with that style

Question 2:
Which of the following does not apply to external styles?

  1. Clean separation of design & content
  2. Minimal code duplication
  3. Highest priority
  4. Reduces page download time

Question 3:

Read the following Code:
Background: white url(“bar.gif”);
Background-repeat: repeat-y;
Background-position: center;
What will be the output of this code?

  1. Image bar.gif will be tiled vertically in the background in the center of the page.
  2. Image bar.gif will be tiled horizontally in the background in the center of the page
  3. Image bar.gif will be displayed in the center of the page
  4. Image bar.gif will be stretched in the center of the page

Question 4:
Which of the following is not a valid text-decoration option?

  1. Text-decoration :line-through
  2. Text-decoration :in-line
  3. Text-decoration :overline
  4. Text-decoration :underline
  5. Text-decoration :none

Question 5:
You defined some links as follows:
What will be the color, when the mouse goes over a link?

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Red
  4. Black

Question 6:
The following is a style definition:


How will you refer to this style in your web page?

  • A. by using the class attribute in a td cell
  • B. by using the id Attribute in a td cell
  • C. by using the class attribute in any html element which supports the class attribute
  • D. by using the id attribute in any html element which support the id attribute

Question 7:
Which of the following is not a valid property of an aural style sheet?

  1. Cue
  2. Voice-family
  3. Load
  4. Speak

Question 8:
Your website displays some articles on java programming. The articles contain blocks of java code as well. If you want to leave ‘1 cm’ space above and below the code blocks, you would use:

  1. Code{margin:1cm}
  2. Code{margin-top:1cm; margin-bottom:1cm}
  3. P{margin:1cm}
  4. P{margin-top:1cm; margin-bottom:1cm}

Question 9:

                        Text text text text
                        A      Text text
                        Sentence text text
                        Inside text text
                        A         text ext
                        Text     text text
                                Text text
                        Text text text text

You have and article of 100 lines. If for instance, you want to describe the theme with a few lines inside the text highlighted separately as show in the image which of the following property will you use?

  1. Outline
  2. Display
  3. Float
  4. Merge

Question 10:
You are fetching customer names from a database. The names in the database are mostly in lowercase. What is the name of the text property which will facilitate capitalization of these names?

  1. Text-mode
  2. Text-transform
  3. Text-decoration
  4. Text-shadow
  5. Text-case

Question: 11;

Here is one of the styles defined in your webpage:
border-width:thin thick

What type of border will be displayed if one of the paragraphs defined in the webpage uses this style?

  1. This will display a red border with thin top and bottom
  2. This will display a red border with thick top and bottom
  3. This will display a red border with thick left and right
  4. This will not display any border

Question 12:
Which of the following are correct values of the overflow property?

  1. Visible
  2. Hidden
  3. Scroll
  4. Auto

Question 13:
Which of the following is correct?

  1. Blockquote{text-padding:2em 4em 5em}
  2. Blockquote{padding-x:2em 4em 5em}
  3. Blockquote{padding-y:2em 4em 5em}
  4. Blockquote{padding:2em 4em 5em}

Question 14:
Which element property is required to define internal styles?

  1. Class
  2. Style
  3. span
  4. link

Question 15
Which style property can be used to display only some part of an image?

  1. Snap
  2. Clip
  3. Scroll
  4. Visible

Question 16
Which of the following is not true for a style sheet?

  1. A style sheet defines how an html element will be displayed
  2. Internal and external style sheets can not be used together
  3. Multiple style definitions will cascade into one
  4. The same style sheet can be used by many html pages

Question 17
Which of the following font properties deals with aspect value?

a.    Font-weight
b.    Font-variant
c.     Font-size-adjust
d.    Font-size

Question 18:
Consider this style definition:
P i{color:red}
What do you understand about the contextual selector used above?

  1. All the text within a paragraph will be italicized
  2. All the italic text in the page will have red color
  3. All the page text under
    tag and tag will be red
  4. All the italic text with in a paragraph will be red

Question 19

Background-position sets the position of the background image what happens if its value is 0% 0%?

  1. Image will have zero width and height so it will be hidden.
  2. Image will be positioned at the upper left corner.
  3. Image will be positioned at the lower right corner
  4. None of the above

Question 20
You want to increase the space between the lines in all you paragraphs. What will you use?

  1. P{width:1cm}
  2. P{height: 1cm}
  3. P{line-height:1cm}
  4. P{line-width:1cm}

ODesk HTML Tests question and its Solutions 100% correct

 ODesk HTML Tests question and its  Solutions

You do not want to resize the frame. The code should be:

a. <frame src = "MyPage.html" name="HomePage" scrolling=Yes resize = "false">
b. <frame src = "MyPage.html" name="HomePage" scrolling=Yes resize = "true">
c. <frame src = "MyPage.html" name="HomePage" scrolling=Yes noresize = "true">
d.<frame src = "MyPage.html" name="HomePage" scrolling=Yes noresize = "noresize ">


Which of the following is not an atribute of meta tag?

a. name
b. content
c. type
d. http-equiv


You Placed four radio buttons on a web form. you want the user to sepcify whether they are
male or female and whether they are married or single. The code is as follow:

Male: <input type = "radio" checkd name= "check" value = "male">

Female: <input type = "radio" checkd name= "check" value = "female">

Maried: <input type = "radio" checkd name= "check" value = "maried">

Single: <input type = "radio" checkd name= "check" value = "single">

a. It will allow to choose only the male and married options.
b. It will allow to choose only the female and single options.
c. It will allow to choose only option out of four.
d. It will allow to choose all the four options at the same time.


What do you infer from the following code?

<a href =""> Expert Rating </a>

a. This href is using for absolute path for linking
b. This href is using for relative path for linking


Which of the folowing is incorrect about the relation of HTML and XHTML?

a. XHTML is strict and cleaner version of HTML.
b. XHTML is almost identical version of HTML 4.0
c. XHTML and HTML both are used to generate dynamic contents.
d. HTML brings togther the elements of HTML and the syntax of XML.


Which of the following would insist in creating named groups within a selected list?

a. opt
b. group
c. option group
d. select group


Which of the following is/are not correct for an action attribute for a form tag?

a. The action atribute can be defind at run time.
b. If the value for action is null , then form submit user data to itself.
c. If the URL is not provided to action atribute, the will not submit data anywhere.
d. Non of the above.


Which of the following statements is/are in correct for a blackquote?

a. It makes the text bigger for emphasizing.
b. It defines the start of a long quote.
c. It makes the text slightly bolder.


Which of the following is a valid value for the type atribute of the input tag?

a. text
b. icon
c. reset
d. password


For the following items of a list:

<option value = "89"> Items 1 </option >

<option value = "90"> Items 2 </option >

which of the following value would be passed on by clicking on submit button on selecting Items 2 form the list.?

a. 89
b. 90
c. Item 1
d. Item 2

joomla 1.5 oDesk Test Solutions of Odesk Odesk 100% correct

The index.php file is a combination of HTML and PHP code.
Odesk test answer: True

 joomla 1.5 Test Solutions of Odesk 100% correct
q: What is the default super administrator account for Joomla called?
Odesk test answer: Administrator

q: Which of the following PHP directives are important to Joomla execution to define an alternate compression library if the standard library is not available?
Odesk test answer: extension_dir

Which of the following files is archive and contains the actual CB component that you must install into Joomla while downloading CB?
Odesk test answer: com_comprofiler

Which option will you choose to set the site metadata for the installed website?
Odesk test answer: Global Configuration

What will happen if we set the SSL enabled option to On?
Odesk test answer: This option will make the link from the menu begin with an https://

The core editor events apply to plug-ins that provide editor functionality such as TinyMCE or XStandard Lite.
Odesk test answer: True

Which PHP file does the index.php file load to provide the menu bar to the administrator interface?
Odesk test answer: Toolbar.php

Which of the given database systems is supported by Joomla?
Odesk test answer: Mysql

Which of the following is the default editor of Joomla?
Odesk test answer: TinyMCE

Joomla provides an abstracted method called getEscaped() that returns the escaped string regardless of the target database.
Odesk test answer: False

From which package are the classes (i.e JSite, JAdministrator and JInstallation) which make up the Joomla CMS application extended?
Odesk test answer: Installer

What is not true about JoomlaXplorer?
Odesk test answer: None of the above

Which of the following is a system event?
Odesk test answer: OnDisplay

Which Joomla file provides the central logic of the template, including any module and component display?
Odesk test answer: Index.php

When will you use SMTP authentication mail settings?
Odesk test answer: When you want to use an internal mail server

What do you understand by the type of error?
Odesk test answer: It means that STRICT_ALL_TABLES is enabled

Which path variable holds the path of the currently executing application?
Odesk test answer: All of the above

Which user events occur with plug-ins that are installed for the front end of the system?
Odesk test answer: Both a and b

Which type of positioning elements define a concrete area such as a p, td, div or table in a CSS file?
Odesk test answer: Block elements

Which of the following files does the "/includes" directory not contain?
Odesk test answer: None of the above

Which option will you select to install or to add the module to your website?
Odesk test answer: C

Why does Joomla use templateDetails.xml files?
Odesk test answer: All of the above

Which of the following events is activated after content rendering is complete for content type plug-ins?
Odesk test answer: OnAfterDisplayContent

All the Joomla settings are contained within a PHP class called JConfig.
Odesk test answer: True

In which PHP file is the central configuration data for Joomla contained?
Odesk test answer: configuration.php

What is not true about the MD5 hash value?
Odesk test answer: Each password in Joomla is stored as a MD5 hash value

There are two root classes for the Joomla framework: JFactory and JVersion.
Odesk test answer: True

Which option will you select to find unpublished articles?
Odesk test answer: Article manager

What do you understand from the following code?
Odesk test answer: SQL statement is executed against the Joomla database to find empty data fields

 Which SEO settings will you activate to make Joomla article URL shown in picture A appear as shown in picture B?
Odesk test answer: B

In which option are errors, warnings and references logged?
Odesk test answer: None of the above

Which type of files can media manager not upload?
Odesk test answer: None of the above

Which among the following switches display the current version of PHP?
Odesk test answer: -v

The Joomap extension uses the style-sheets from the currently selected default template to display the sitemap in the site style.
Odesk test answer: True

Which type of server technology is used by Joomla?
Odesk test answer: All of the above

Which of the following is not true about the FrontPage Manager?
Odesk test answer: You cannot select your content for the FrontPage from all the contents

What happens if the Text Separator Field is left empty while using the breadcrumbs module in the module manager?
Odesk test answer: None of the above

Which of the following support libraries must you include when you are doing a manual compile of PHP to use with Joomla?
Odesk test answer:  All of the above

What is the role of the template metadata file in the system?
Odesk test answer: It contains the basic authorship information

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization ODESk Test Solution

Search Engine Optimization Test Solution

Question  1
Which of the following can be termed as a good keyword selection and placement strategies?

a* Targeting synonyms of the main keyword (ans) A & D
b.Targeting the highest searched keywords only
c.Copying competitor keywords
d.Optimizing 5 or more keywords per page

Ans: D

Question 2

Which blackhat Seo techniques is characterized by a method to decieve search engine, by detecting the search engine bot and "feeding" it with a different HTML code than the HTML actually served to users?


Ans: D

Why is it bad idea from SEO perspective to host free articles and write ups that are very common on the internet?

a.Because they will not lead to fresh traffic
b.Because you could be penalize by search engine for using duplicate contents (ans)
c.Because you will not get the benefits of proper keyword targeting
d.because people could turn up claiming copyright infirigement

Ans: B

 What will happen if you type the word 'Certification-Networking' in the google search box?

a.Google will find the web pages about "certification" and also containing the word "networking"
b.Google will find ALL the web pages containing the word word "Certification" and "Networking"
c.*Google will find ALL the web pages in which the words "Certification" and "Networking" appear together. (ans)
d.Google will find the web pages about Certification that do not contain the word Networking

Ans: C

Which of the following factors does google take into account while accessing whether or not a website is an authority website?

a. The frequency with which the contents of the website is updated
b. the number of web pages containing relevant information on the main theme of the website
c.*The number of in-bound natural links related to the website's theme (or keywords)
d. None of the above

ans: C

What is keyword density?

a.The number of times the keyword is used / (divided by) the total word count on page - (minus) the total words in HTML on the page
b.The number of times the keyword is used x (multiply by) the total word count on page.
c.The number of times the keyword is used in the page description
d.The number of times the keyword is used in the page title
e*The number of times the keyword is used / (divided by) the total word count on the page. (ans)

Ans: E

Which of the following statement about FFA pages are true?

a.They are greatly beneficial to SEO
b.They are also called Link Farms
c.They are Paid Listings
d*They contain numerous inbound links

Ans: B

What is the illegal act of copying of a page by unauthorized parties in order to filter off traffic to another site called?

a.Traffic jacking
b.Visitors Jacking
c.View Jacking
d* Page Jacking

Ans: D

What is the most likely time period required for getting a google page ranking?

a.1 week
b. 3 weeks
c. 1 month
d.* More than 3 months

ans: D

Some words, when followed by a colon, have special meanings to yahoo. 
What is perfermed by the link:Operator?
a. it shows all the outbound links from the url
b. It shows how many pages of the site yahoo is pointing to
c. It shows all the pages that point to that url
d. It show url's with broken links

Ans: C

ODESK PHP interview questions Solution . . .

PHP interview questions and answers
1. What does a special set of tags do in PHP?
The output is displayed directly to the browser.
2. What the difference is between include and require?
It is how they handle failures. If the file is not found by require(), it will cause a fatal error and halt the execution of the script. If the file is not found by include(), a warning will be issued, but execution will continue.
3. I am trying to assign a variable the value of 0123, but it keeps coming up with a different number, what’s the problem?
PHP Interpreter treats numbers beginning with 0 as octal. Look at the similar PHP interview questions for more numeric problems.
4. Would I use print "$a dollars" or "{$a} dollars" to print out the amount of dollars in this example?
In this example it wouldn’t matter, since the variable is all by itself, but if you were to print something like "{$a},000,000 mln dollars", then you definitely need to use the braces.
5. How do you define a constant?
Via define() directive, like
define ("MYCONSTANT", 100);
6. How do you pass a variable by value?
Just like in C++, put an ampersand in front of it, like $a = &$b
7. Will comparison of string "10" and integer 11 work in PHP?
Yes, internally PHP will cast everything to the integer type, so numbers 10 and 11 will be compared.
8. When are you supposed to use endif to end the conditional statement? 
 - When the original if was followed by : and then the code block without braces.
9. Explain the ternary conditional operator in PHP? –
Expression preceding the ? is evaluated, if it’s true, then the expression preceding the : is executed, otherwise, the expression following : is executed.
10. How do I find out the number of parameters passed into function? 
func_num_args() function returns the number of parameters passed in.
11. If the variable $a is equal to 5 and variable $b is equal to character a, what’s the value of $$b?
100, it’s a reference to existing variable.
12. What’s the difference between accessing a class method via -> and via ::?
:: is allowed to access methods that can perform static operations, i.e. those, which do not require object initialization.
13. Are objects passed by value or by reference?
Everything is passed by value.
14. How do you call a constructor for a parent class?
15. What’s the special meaning of __sleep and __wakeup?
__sleep returns the array of all the variables than need to be saved, while __wakeup retrieves them. 
16. Why doesn’t the following code print the newline properly?
Because inside the single quotes the n character is not interpreted as newline, just as a sequence of two characters - and n.

17. Would you initialize your strings with single quotes or double quotes? Since the data inside the single-quoted string is not parsed for variable substitution, it’s always a better idea speed-wise to initialize a string with single quotes, unless you specifically need variable substitution.
18. How come the code works, but doesn’t for two-dimensional array of mine?
Any time you have an array with more than one dimension, complex parsing syntax is required. print "Contents: {$arr[1][2]}" would’ve worked.

19. What is the difference between characters 23 and x23?
The first one is octal 23, the second is hex 23.
20. With a heredoc syntax, do I get variable substitution inside the heredoc contents?

21. I want to combine two variables together:
22. $var1 = 'Welcome to ';
23. $var2 = '';
What will work faster? 
Code sample 1:
$var 3 = $var1.$var2;
Or code sample 2:
$var3 = "$var1$var2";
Both examples would provide the same result - $var3 equal to "Welcome to". However, Code Sample 1 will work significantly faster. Try it out with large sets of data (or via concatenating small sets a million times or so), and you will see that concatenation works significantly faster than variable substitution.
24. For printing out strings, there are echo, print and printf. Explain the differences. –
echo is the most primitive of them, and just outputs the contents following the construct to the screen. print is also a construct (so parentheses are optional when calling it), but it returns TRUE on successful output and FALSE if it was unable to print out the string. However, you can pass multiple parameters to echo, like:
and it will output the string "Welcome to TechInterviews!" print does not take multiple parameters. It is also generally argued that echo is faster, but usually the speed advantage is negligible, and might not be there for future versions of PHP. printf is a function, not a construct, and allows such advantages as formatted output, but it’s the slowest way to print out data out of echo, print and printf.
25. I am writing an application in PHP that outputs a printable version of driving directions. It contains some long sentences, and I am a neat freak, and would like to make sure that no line exceeds 50 characters. How do I accomplish that with PHP? –

On large strings that need to be formatted according to some length specifications, use wordwrap() or chunk_split().

28. What’s the difference between htmlentities() and htmlspecialchars()? -
htmlspecialchars only takes care of <, >, single quote ‘, double quote " and ampersand.
htmlentities translates all occurrences of character sequences that have different meaning in HTML.

29. What’s the difference between md5(), crc32() and sha1() crypto on PHP? - 
The major difference is the length of the hash generated. CRC32 is, evidently, 32 bits, while sha1() returns a 128 bit value, and md5() returns a 160 bit value. This is important when avoiding collisions.

30. So if md5() generates the most secure hash, why would you ever use the less secure crc32() and sha1()?
Crypto usage in PHP is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s free. First off, depending on the data that you’re encrypting, you might have reasons to store a 32-bit value in the database instead of the 160-bit value to save on space. Second, the more secure the crypto is, the longer is the computation time to deliver the hash value. A high volume site might be significantly slowed down, if frequent md5() generation is required. 

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ODESK Microsoft Excel Test Solution available

Microsoft Excel 2000 Odesk Test

figure shows a view of the Standard Toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter 'Z'?

Ans:It copies the formatting properties from one cell to another

Q2:The figure shows the AutoFit Selection menu option. What function does it perform?

Ans:It automatically re sizes the column height and width to the minimum necessary to fit the contents of the selected cell

Q:How does the AutoComplete feature in Excel help you save time?

Ans:It automatically completes abbreviated words
Q:The figure shows a view of the Standard Toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter 'A'?

Ans:It is used to add a hyperlink

Q:Which of the following options would be used if you need to insert a 77889867810070809 number in a cell?

Ans:Apply the Text Format to empty cells, and then type the numbers

Q:Suppose the value in cell A1 is John and B1 is Smith then which of the following function you will use to get the John_Smith in C1 cell?


Q:How can you select all the blank cells in your worksheet?

Ans:This must be done manually as it is not automated through any built-in feature

Q:What is the quickest way to select all the columns on a worksheet?

Ans:Click on the gray rectangle on the upper left corner of the worksheet where the column headings and row headings meet

Q:The figure shows an Excel worksheet. If you want to freeze the row showing the months (row 1) and the column showing the products (column A), what should you do?

Ans:Select the cell A1 and click on Freeze Panes under the menu Window->Freeze Panes

Q:Which of the following functions would return a value of 8?

Ans:b and c

Q:You select the row headings 10, 11 and 12 and then choose the menu option Insert->Rows. What will happen?

Ans:3 new rows will be inserted after row 9

Q:The figure shows a view of the Drawing Toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter 'X' ?

Ans:It inserts a Diagram or Organization Chart in the worksheet

Q:When using Document Workspaces, you cannot work directly on the Document Workspace copy, but you can work on your own copy which you can update periodically with changes that have been saved to the copy on the Document Workspace site.


Q:You have created a worksheet which consists of confidential data. You want that these values, although present in the worksheet, should remain hidden and as a result the cells containing this data should appear blank in the worksheet. Which method will help you do this?

Ans:Select the cells, open the Window menu and click on Hide

Q:Which of the following Date and Time function you will use to return the serial number of the last day of the month before or after a specified number of months?


Q:The figure shows a view of the Standard Toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter 'Y'?

Ans:It adds up the values in the selected cells

Q:Which of the following errors appears when an invalid argument is passed while converting a number from one number system to another system?


Q:Which of the following function you will use to find the highest number in a series of numbers?


Q:You have entered 4/6 as data in a cell without applying any formats to it. By default, Excel will treat this data entry as a:

Q:You define a print area in your worksheet, but later you select a smaller range of cells to print and then click Selection under the menu File->Print->Selection. What will happen?


Q:What will be the output of the function IF(ISNA(MODE(B1:B4)),0,MODE(B1:B4)) when it is applied to the data series given below?


Q:AutoFilter drop-downs are automatically added in the header row of a list when the list is created.


Q:What does the NOW() function returns?

Ans:Returns the serial number of the current date and time

Q:You start Microsoft Excel and you do not want it to automatically run a macro upon starting. What will you do?

Ans:Hold down the CTRL key during startup

Q:Which toolbar is shown in the figure?

Ans:Forms toolbar

Q:When you clear the contents from a cell, the formatting of the cell is also lost.